Technical Musings From a Learned Idiot

And perhaps some interesting projects for you.

My measurement using the OnScreenProtractor and the Eksma method.

Notes on finding the Apex Angle of an Axicon

For the handheld laser wire stripper project, I needed to find the Apex Angle of the axicon so I could place an order. As it turns out, different suppliers specify the Apex Angle differently, so it can be a bit confusing on how to order axicons. For Thorlabs, if S1 is the apex side, let…
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Handheld Laser Wire Stripper

New Invention: Truly Handheld Laser Wire Stripper

Handheld Laser Wire Stripper While I am no longer a Laser Application Scientist at Control Laser Corporation, I still think about how to solve real problems with lasers and other technologies. I have created a new invention and am looking for funding to bringing it to market: a truly handheld laser wire stripper that solves…
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My Interpretation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Frankly, it’s a marketing term that explains how Machine Learning (also a marketing term) can be used to make decisions on its own. What AI fundamentally is, however, is the mimicking of the human brain in computer form. I don’t necessarily mean putting actual brain matter onto a computer chip–which…
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Sergey Baklykov – Real Russia

Sergey Baklykov from Real Russia, sends a message! I have a great appreciation for the Russian culture and the history of Russia. My thirst to learn more and to understand this better brought me to YouTube and ultimately to a channel called Real Russia where a man, Sergey Baklykov, travels around Russia with his friend…
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Bittrex Historical Data

UPDATE July 13, 2018:Now providing a full download of Bittrex historical data! This download will give you all of the Bittrex exchange trades I have in an indexed MySQL data dump. No lossy CSV files! As there are over 295,000,000 records in the database, you’ll have plenty of data for trading bot backtesting and regression…
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Miniaturized Phased Array RADAR For UAVs/Drones Project Progress

I started a project a while ago on how to create a miniaturized version of a phased array RADAR that could be used on very small UAVs/Drones. Extensive research was performed on this subject, which took a couple of years to complete. Was I to use low frequencies? Do I need an upcoverter? If so,…
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ADS-B Receiver and Server based on Raspberry Pi and RTL2832L chipset USB Dongle

ADS-B Receiver and Server are Operational

A while ago I purchased a few of the RTL-SDR USB dongles for the purpose of exploring Software Defined Radio (SDR) and to also act as a poor-man’s spectrum analyzer. While cleaning some things up yesterday, I found these receivers and decided to see what I could use them for. I was surprised to learn about tracking and plotting aircraft via the ADS-B radio signals that many aircraft transmit.

Analog Devices Chip Full Decapsulation

Presenting at the 42nd International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (ISTFA 2016)

One of my main areas of study as a laser application scientist with Control Laser Corporation is in perfecting the process of laser decapsulation of semiconductors. As my entire life has revolved around semiconductors, and the electronics industry in general, this work is right up my alley, as we say. I work with some of…
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WP Clone by WP Academy Stopped Working, mysql_connect fatal error, PHP 7.0

If WP Clone by WP Academy stopped working for you, it might be because it uses an outdated version of the MySQL database connector whose functions have the prefix mysql_.

Lance Fordham at Dipaul in Russia

Featured in the Russian Technology Magazine «Эксперт+» (Expert+)

I learned the other day that I was featured in the Russian technology Magazine «Эксперт+» (Expert+). I have to say that I’m a bit proud of this, as I appreciate the country and culture of Russia very much. I’ve done quite a bit of business there over the past couple of years and have made…
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