Technical Musings From a Learned Idiot

And perhaps some interesting projects for you.

Arduino AD9951 VFO Project Update

I am incredibly excited to announce that I’ve received my Arduino Mega AD9951 VFO design back from the fabricator and I have finally had a chance to assemble it. What’s more is that the darn thing actually works! Who would have thought?!?! Please visit the Arduino VFO using an AD9951 DDS project page for further information…
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Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Precision DAC

Arduino Library for Analog Devices, Inc. AD5724/AD5734/AD5754 QUAD DAC 0-10V UNIPOLAR-BI-POLAR

Please visit the Arduino DAC project page for more information on this project and for links to download the library. Arduino with a DAC I needed a DAC [Digital to Analog Converter] for a project I’m working on that includes an Arduino board, but I quickly realized that no such shield, nor library, exists for…
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