Dynamic Phased-Array RADAR for Drones, AD9959

Dynamic Phased-Array RADAR for Drones, AD9959

It’s been a long time since posting anything here so I figured I’d give an update on what’s happening in the lab. Also, the fine folks from Analog Devices had me at their facilities up in Massachusetts, which was pretty awesome. Such smart people they have working there, and so many expensive analysis machines! While there, I decapped one of their TQFP packages, using a laser from my company, and acid. They showed me how they perform analysis on the die with the die exposed and the chip powered up. It was fascinating! I also understood exactly why there are so many AGND and DGND pins on these DDS chips as I watched the die heat up under thermal analysis. I can’t thank the guys and gals there enough for all the knowledge they imparted onto me. A great experience! And I’m definitely their biggest fan.

So, it is no wonder that my next project will use a chip from Analog Devices. I’ll be using the Analog Devices AD9959 4-channel DDS chip, which should fit the bill perfectly for a low-cost Dynamic Phased-Array RADAR that should be acceptable for use with Drones and other radio controlled devices like boats and airplanes. There are a number of great research papers online that discuss using this chip as a dynamic phased array radar with great results so I’m encouraged by this. As I’ve just started this project, however, I don’t yet have much more information to offer. Bookmark this website and check back with me in about a month, or maybe after the new year.


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    Was starting to think you disappeared. Glad you’re still nerding it up

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