Sergey Baklykov – Real Russia

Sergey Baklykov – Real Russia

Sergey Baklykov from Real Russia, sends a message!

I have a great appreciation for the Russian culture and the history of Russia. My thirst to learn more and to understand this better brought me to YouTube and ultimately to a channel called Real Russia where a man, Sergey Baklykov, travels around Russia with his friend (the cameraman) and tells us all about how it really is in Russia. Sergey was wanting to make a trip to Saint Petersburg Russia where he would show us the sights there and such, but needed some funds for the trip. I decided to pitch in some money because I love Saint Petersburg and I wanted to see his take on it. Sergey actually sent me a postcard from there, which I appreciate so much. Anyway, Real Russia, the YouTube channel, is now celebrating 5-years and so Sergey sent me a personal video saying thank you.

Highly Recommended YouTube Channel!

I highly recommend watching Real Russia if you have ever wondered about the culture there, or the differences between our two countries.

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